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Betty Chatzipli
M.A., C.L.C.

Owner & Founder, EXPERT ON YOUR LIFE, LLC. 

I am a certified women’s life-coach, empowerment specialist, teacher, and founder of Expert on Your Life, LLC. I assist individuals and organisations in finding and leveraging their unique strengths, so that they can set and reach attainable individual and professional objectives. My arts and education background, as well as my experience in communications and business development, have made me uniquely qualified to point out the inherent beauty and power of every woman, promote it, and turn it into a force for success.

With a heart full of love for art, I hold a profound appreciation for the stories of strong and influential women from the past. My background as an Art Historian not only fuels my love for creativity and beauty but also provides a unique lens through which I draw parallels between the women of history and our modern heroines. Their strength becomes my inspiration.

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As a personal empowerment coach, I nurture women's self-confidence, help them to amplify their voice, teach them how to overcome beliefs that no longer serve them, and create life strategies aligned with their goals and desires. 

When it comes to corporations and organisations, I assist companies in implementing strategies that inspire gender sensitivity and women's economic empowerment. I provide solutions that address the root causes of gender inequality by focusing on a rights-based and transformative approach that combat different forms of discrimination. This leads to the creation of cultures that encourage women to establish their potentialities and enjoy equal opportunities for pay, social security, and access to leading positions.

My Mission


My life’s passion is to be of service to women who have been wrestling with self-doubt and who lack the courage to commit to change, to let themselves be seen and, ultimately, to move from ‘pain’ to ‘gain’.

My mission is to foster powerful shifts in your perspective that will reveal all the fresh insights you need to take massive action. This new awareness will not only activate, but also elevate and anchor you in a position of control, self-regulation and self-worth.

My coaching practice is dedicated to helping you craft new ways of being, disentangled from the codependency patterns and the disempowering energies that hinder your growth. Together, we will tap into your greatest strengths, redefine your voice, and unveil a blueprint for your future: a life of 'yes'!

My Vision

Dramatic sunset of the mountains

Often in life, we find ourselves at a crossroads asking: 'Is this all there is?' In tough times like these, it seems as if fear and doubt are in control. What is self-doubt and settling for less costing us? How many opportunities have we let pass by? 

Women, regardless of their circumstances, have the right to develop and empower themselves. They deserve the chance to best serve their families and their communities. No woman should be denied the opportunity and the liberty of making fundamental life choices. 

I have been dedicated to bringing you to realise that you are worthy and capable of whatever your heart desires. It is my greatest reward and my lifelong vision to witness your signature strengths and core values morph into a new identity and a whole new sense of purpose: to a new, empowered you.

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