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Topics We Cover for Guest Post

Inspirational Stories of Successful Women

Profiles of accomplished women who have overcome challenges and achieved success in various fields, such as business, politics, sports, arts, etc.

Career Development and Leadership

Tips, advice, and strategies for women to advance their careers, break through barriers, and become effective leaders.

Gender Equality and Feminism

Discussions on the importance of gender equality, challenges women face, and ways to advocate for women's rights.

Personal Development and Self-Care

Articles on self-improvement, self-confidence, mindfulness, and mental health for women.

Empowering Women Through Education

The role of education in empowering women, promoting access to education, and stories of educational initiatives for girls and women.

Women's Health and Wellness

Articles on physical health, fitness, nutrition, reproductive health, and women's wellness.

Financial Empowerment

Tips and advice on financial planning, investment, entrepreneurship, and achieving economic independence for women.

Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

Highlighting the achievements of women in STEM fields and promoting gender diversity in these industries.

Overcoming Societal and Cultural Stereotypes

Discussions on challenging stereotypes and promoting positive role models for women.

Empowering Women in Developing Countries

Initiatives and programs that support women's empowerment in less privileged regions.

Intersectional Feminism

Exploring the overlapping experiences of women facing multiple forms of discrimination and advocating for an inclusive feminist movement.

Women's Empowerment in the Workplace

Addressing workplace challenges, salary negotiation, work-life balance, and women's leadership development.

Empowering Women in Politics

The importance of women's participation in politics and stories of female leaders making a difference.

Art, Literature, and Women's Empowerment

How art and literature can inspire and empower women.

Women's Rights and Activism

Highlighting influential women's rights activists and discussing ongoing movements for gender equality.

Guidelines & Editorial Standards

  • Ensure that your article aligns with the writing style and tone of the Expert on Your Life blog. It should offer valuable insights, practical advice, or stimulating content to captivate our readers and contribute to the theme of women's empowerment. The article should present fresh ideas, persuasive points, and well-crafted prose. While maintaining a knowledgeable approach, avoid overly academic language. Instead, aim to create an engaging and conversational piece.

  • Make sure that the information presented in your article is factual and supported by reliable sources. Include proper references and attributions for any research, data, quotes, or external content you use in your writing. This practice will enhance the credibility of your article and give credit to the original creators of the information you reference.

  • Your blog post should be original (copied content is not allowed) and exclusive to This means you must not publish the same content on any other blogs, forums, or platforms. The content you submit should be specifically tailored for our website and not replicated elsewhere. 

  • The article should have a minimum word count of 1200 words. You are not restricted by any maximum word limit, so feel free to write as much as necessary to effectively convey your message or explore the topic thoroughly.

  • Guest posting is free. We do not pay or get paid for posts. Instead, you are allowed to include only one link to your own website or project within the main body of your post. Additionally, you may include another link to your website or project in your bio. You must create a backlink to your article from your own website.

  • Before submitting your post, please thoroughly review it for any spelling and grammatical errors. Keep in mind that submitting content does not guarantee its publication. If your contribution requires significant editing, it is likely to be rejected. However, if only minor edits are necessary, we may handle them ourselves before publishing without prior notification.

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How to Get Started for Guest Posting

Send us a mail (see link below) which will include:

  • Your name and surname,

  • your email,

  • your phone number,

  • your post's title,

  • an outline of the main points covered in your post accompanied by a short description,

  • links to previously published blog(s), if any,

  • a short bio (150 words) and a headshot.

After We Accept Your Request

1.    Sign up to to become a site member.

2.    Receive our invitation to create your post on our platform (if already a member, skip step 1).

3.    Create your post.

4.    See your post published on our site after being reviewed and edited by our team.

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We strive for original, constructive, and respectful content that adds value to our site.

We will not accept blog posts

  • that have been previously published elsewhere, 

  • that are considered spam and solely intended to promote affiliate products,

  • that are deemed inaccurate, 

  • that appear to be offensive, targeting specific individuals or companies, 

  • that need significant revisions (ensure the quality and accuracy of your content before submission).

Every guest post will be clearly labeled and tagged as such, along with the following disclaimer:


"The opinions expressed in this guest post are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of EXPERT ON YOUR LIFE, LLC. Any inquiries or concerns regarding the content should be directed to the author and not to EXPERT ON YOUR LIFE, LLC."

EXPERT ON YOUR LIFE, LLC. reserves all rights related to the content posted on

EXPERT ON YOUR LIFE, LLC. reserves the right to edit and adjust your guest blog content. This may involve updating the content for accuracy, ensuring comprehensive coverage, or optimising it for digital marketing purposes. Such edits can include adding, removing, or amending links and references to other websites, individuals, or businesses. We may also make formatting and grammatical corrections to enhance the overall quality of the content.

EXPERT ON YOUR LIFE, LLC. reserves the right to include in the guest post content related to the company’s activities, event and services, links to memberships, articles, books, email newsletters, contact information, and the company’s social media channels.

Send us your request

We are looking forward to sharing your expertise and insights with our audience of empowered women and to making a meaningful impact on their lives!

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