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All-in-One Plans


When just wishing for a better life is not enough,

I am committed to accommodating your needs during your journey of self-transformation and empowerment. Equipped with the latest and most effective coaching tools, resources and methods, guided by my experience, and fuelled by my passion to help you overcome challenges and thrive, I have crafted three coaching plans that have been proven to work:

Offering cumulative empowerment and support, and designed to bring breakthrough changes, these comprehensive systems offer a greater return on investment than Empowerment Spaces.


Personalised coaching, email support, learning resources, tools to measure your performance and gauge your accountability, and free access to selected online courses, and members-only areas are just some of the services these programs offer. All of this will be provided:


  •        over a set period,

  •        at a fixed cost,

  •        with measurable, concrete results


to you committed to change and growth: empowerment assured.


All programs include a free 60 min. consultation to discuss your needs.

The plans offered at Expert on Your Life are tested, high-impact solutions that bring about lasting change. They have been crafted for women who are ready to rise higher in their perspective, unleash their potential, and share their unique gifts with the world.

Ready to Take a Leap?

Change happens the moment you decide to invest in yourself.
Activate your empowering traits
to make major changes with confidence.

Reclaim control of your life by booking now one of my signature programs.

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