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I'll Coach You

My style of coaching is solution-oriented and client-centred, based on personalised practices.

The coaching relationship is dynamic, so I am always ready to adapt to your changing needs while mobilising your signature strengths. The cornerstones of my coaching are the four pillars of Expert on Your Life: Learning, Guidance, Growth, and Support.


My approach to coaching combines positive psychology coaching, ontological coaching and co-active coaching techniques with mindfulness practices, reflection and self-awareness tools to assist you in setting goals and maintaining momentum.


I always approach my clients' needs from a culturally informed perspective, taking into consideration issues such as race, ethnicity, sexual identity, LGBTQIA+ identity, religion, nationality, whether they have experienced ageism or ableism etc. My coaching also addresses concerns regarding cultural barriers that might contribute to my client being stuck in a cycle of unhappiness and disempowerment.

My Practice

My role is of an external advocate and accountability partner. I will help you to go through life transitions and find the courage to stand up for yourself in a world that seems to be hard for you. You will be given a strong voice, so you can speak your mind freely and be yourself. This will happen not by telling you how you should act, but by identifying and strengthening your access to your talents and skills. Our partnership will fully reveal your creative side and test different ways to improve your competence and enhance the quality of your life. As your co-strategist and supporter, I will help you every step of the way, ensuring you remain motivated and engaged. 

My ongoing assistance will not end at our sessions. I will also provide you with accountability reports to help you stay on track, assessments to gauge your progress and a multitude of resources (video and audio files, positive readings, journaling, etc.). All these geared towards motivating and preparing you for the profound shift in conscious awareness you will undergo.

All communication is confidential. I abide by the ethical standards set forth by the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics. All coaching sessions are conducted online in a safe, no judgement zone. Telephone sessions are only possible for a limited amount of time, if necessary.

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You are not an empty vessel

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