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Are you  ready to tame your inner critic, start unpacking your emotional baggage and leverage your core strengths? During these weekly 60-minute individually focused sessions, I will help you unlock and activate parts of yourself that are eager and ready to discover your innate power.


This methodically crafted monthly program is designed to help you:

  • remove mental blocks,

  • re-ignite your power, and

  • devise a new plan for your life.


IGNITION will first help you identify and release your inner saboteurs that lead to low esteem, trigger procrastination and contribute to disempowerment. Strengthening your self-love, acceptance and confidence will allow you to recognise what really serves you in life. Then, embracing your needs and using your own strengths and core values, we will design new strategies that will allow you to build the foundation to take ownership over your life.

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1. Goal setting: become aware of what you want to achieve and how, and more focused to create this life vision.

2. Personalised action plan of measurable actions, tailored to your strengths and needs to keep you motivated and make success more achievable.

1. Exclusive access to client-only areas. 

2. Instant access to our members-only Expert on Your Life Spaces App: book and manage your online courses, webinars, programs and Empowerment Spaces, read blog posts, get updates, stay in touch with us, and much more.

1. In-depth analysis of your top strengths: be your best self! Identify your strengths, cultivate positive mindsets and fine-tune their use for better performance and quality of life.

2. Self-assessment tools: build self-awareness, learn from your actions and behaviours, and reflect on where you are in life.

1. Digital workbooks of training and activities, proven to be effective in keeping you moving forward between sessions, encouraging deeper learning, and giving you more results.

2. Accountability tools: measure your progress and reflect on your strengths while staying engaged in your empowerment goals.


1. Weekly email support for the duration of the program (subject to business hours). 

2. Progress reviews to celebrate your successes and work out the factors that hindered your goals. 


By the end of the program you will

have learned how to limit the forces that drag you down and keep you stuck,

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