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Client Love

"Betty's encouraging feedback enabled me to deal with procrastination quite well. She has been a great teacher to me, not only by praising my efforts and achievements, but also by holding me accountable for my actions. Such rich learning and feeling of support! Betty helped me set priorities, and showed me ways to keep things going. She is the best person to help anyone become more productive and goal-oriented." 

Eirene D., Philippines

"Thank you, Betty, for your super-energising coaching. You literally unlocked my own power and inspired me to unlock the next chapter of my life.  I never thought I could ever shift from 'not being enough' to 'ready to take on the world'! I’m thrilled to have been part of a community that unites beautiful souls, while teaching the power of womanhood. So glad I've found you!"

Nala L., New York, USA

"Betty, you're the BEST! You guided me  with love and patience through removing a stumbling block that prevented me from living the life I wanted. By ditching all my barriers: fears, doubt, self-pity, I was able to move forward. I invited imperfection, as you said, and now I have a more accepting view of myself.  Working with you has to be the best thing I’ve done for myself yet. THANK YOU!"

Emma W., Huston, USA

"I signed up for the '6 Weeks to Self-Empowerment' program with some reluctance at first. My belief was that I would never be able to let go of limitations and gain control of my life. But I gave it a try, and I was rewarded: in less than 2 months  I was able to use my own resources and set goals based on my strengths. Today I am a self-empowered introvert, gaining great joy from my own abilities. Betty made a life-changing impact on me, and I will always recommend her to others."

Klaara L., Estonia

"I purchased the 6-month 'Fusion' plan, and my investment was worthwhile! Betty became my impartial partner, gave me tools to overcome mindset mishaps, and showed me what overcoming challenges and rising above looks like. I regained clarity and hope, which means the world to me! I cannot thank Betty enough for helping me get my life back on track."

Kathrin S., Germany

"I've never worked with a life coach like Betty before. Her coaching style was a perfect fit for me. She helped me realise that I wasn't really broken and that I had infinite power inside me. Her guidance helped me shape a new, stronger 'me'.

My heartfelt thanks to you, Betty, for your inspirational insights,  and the epiphany moments I experienced throughout my journey."  

Mikayla H., Singapore

"My coaching sessions at Expert on Your Life were a truly unique experience. Excellent life coaching from beginning to end: it was challenging and empowering at the same time! Tapping into my own strengths created the killer mindset I needed to become more assertive at work. Betty's tips on self-care were invaluable to me. I particularly enjoyed the daily, easy to follow empowering rituals she introduced me to."

Olivia S., U.K.

" I met Betty when my personal life was going through a tough patch. She created a space in which I felt safe enough to find my voice, and reconnect with what I valued most. We talked about a lot of things I had never considered before. Those eye-opening sessions helped me to deal with the feelings of regret, release rumination, and focus on what really matters to me. I love you, Betty!" 

Fernanda P., Brazil

"Betty helped me discover my life purpose with her open-hearted listening. I'm extremely grateful for her 'Ignition' self-empowerment program. I've gained self-confidence, clarity, and been able to maximise my strengths. Her way of fortifying my foundation was essential for me to make lasting changes in life. She is not only an excellent coach, but also an empathic, intuitive, and deep spiritual healer!"

Nadya C., India

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