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  • What does an empowerment coach do?
    A personal empowerment coach specialises in identifying and removing mental blocks that impede the feeling of empowerment. Click here to read more.
  • What is the difference between an empowerment coach and a life coach?
    The focus of empowerment coaching is on your inner thoughts. Mental blocks will be removed, and you will be able to change your negative thoughts. This will transform your mindset, resulting in more motivation and productivity. Even though life coaches help you change your inner thoughts and the way you behave, they do not deal with issues of feeling unempowered.
  • Is empowerment coaching similar to therapy?
    Empowerment Coaching focuses on the client's emotional state, inner strengths and core values. A healthy emotional balance allows individuals to realise their own potential, regain control of their lives and make better choices. Therapy sessions help individuals that have a deeper underlying issue. Therapy can last for years and it involves, among other things, going back into the past life of the person. Unlike empowerment coaches, therapists diagnose mental health conditions and can refer an individual for evaluation for medication or other treatments.
  • Is empowerment coaching worth the investment?
    100% worth it. By leveraging someone else's mastery of something, you can see faster and more concrete results. This is a huge shortcut! You can always read books, attend seminars and watch videos that might motivate you, but they won’t empower you. Coaching from a professional can save you time and energy. It can show you how to make the most of your strengths, fuel your confidence and challenge self-limiting beliefs. It helps you remain focused and clarify your priorities. Empowerment coaching will not only give you reassurance that you are on the right path, but it will also help you do something you wouldn’t do on your own: move out of your comfort zone and make major changes with confidence.
  • What happens during a typical session?
    No two women are the same in their experiences, viewpoints, needs and desires. Therefore, each session is different, providing you with the tailored help you need for a specific situation. However, you can read about the typical structure of a 1:1 coaching session here. Most sessions tend to last between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the Empowerment Space or Coaching Plan you have chosen. At the end of each session, I will give you some assignments for next time (exercises, activities, positive readings, journaling, a self-care routine etc.) to help you maintain momentum and make sure you are in the right direction. We will review your progress in our next meeting and explain how you can best apply what you have learned to become empowered and move closer to your goals.
  • What are your fees?
    Please visit my Empowerment Spaces (for one-off sessions) and Pricing (for coaching plans) pages for current information about my fees and cancellation policies. For more information on payment options, offers and cancellations, contact me.
  • Is online coaching as effective as live interaction?
    Absolutely! Online coaching is similar to coaching with live interaction, except everything is done online. So, instead of making appointments to talk to your coach, you agree to a regularly scheduled day when coaching sessions run. Online coaching means taking advantage of all the benefits of coaching from wherever you are, without having to travel.
  • What is your cancellation / refund policy?
    MONTHLY IGNITION PLAN (4 sessions): Should you cancel the IGNITION Plan, reimbursement of 50% of the program fee will occur if cancelled before Session 2. No reimbursement will occur if cancelled from Session 2. 3-MONTH SYNERGY PLAN: If you cancel the SYNERGY Plan, reimbursement of 50% of the program fee will occur if cancelled before Session 3. No reimbursement will occur if cancelled from Session 3. 6-MONTH FUSION PLAN: Should you cancel the FUSION Plan, reimbursement of 50% of the program fee will occur if cancelled before Session 3. No reimbursement will occur if cancelled from Session 3. You can expect to receive your refund within 10 business days of it being processed. Refund requests should be sent to: Workshops, online courses and one-off sessions (Empowerment Spaces) are non-refundable.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    Depending on how deeply ingrained your limiting beliefs are and on your levels of commitment, empowerment coaching may take a few weeks or longer. However, if you want to focus on a specific issue, or you simply want to boost your confidence before, say, an interview, an important meeting, or a social gathering, there are short, breakthrough one-off sessions available. In general, you can have as many or as few coaching sessions as you like. It is entirely up to you to decide. Visit the Coaching Plans and the Empowerment Spaces pages to explore the different coaching options and plans we offer or contact me to arrange a free Clarity Call to discuss your needs and create more personalised coaching solutions.
  • How can I book an intake session?
    To book an intake session, you should first complete the questionnaire found here. Then you will be contacted to book your first free session. Alternatively, you can book your intake session directly here.
  • If I miss a session, can I reschedule it?
    Every session is scheduled in advance. • If you have purchased any of the IGNITION, SYNERGY or FUSION plans and you need to rearrange a session, you should provide at least 48 hours notice. In exceptional circumstances the Coach may need to rearrange a coaching session. In those instances, the Coach will also give you 48 hours' notice where practical. • One-off sessions ("Empowerment Spaces") cannot be rescheduled, so make sure you book your session on a day and at a time you know you will be available.
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