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of your strengths

Are you ready to take a deep dive into your strengths? Let's master the art of orchestration!


It's one thing to know your strengths, but it's another to know which ones to select and effectively combine to deal with life's challenges. Try to imagine yourself as an ensemble, where different instruments play different melodies. When you feel disempowered, lacking a sense of direction, everything seems to be out of tune – there is dissonance in your life.


The 3-month SYNERGY program will help you:


  • re-ignite your top strengths

  • better tune them in, and 

  • use them to form a blend of harmony and balance.


Like a composer who knows what instruments to choose for which purpose, you will develop the skills to better select, mobilise, and utilise your talents to their maximum potential.


Connecting with your inner wisdom and increasing your conscious awareness will allow you to build a greater sense of self, empowerment, and control, as well as a strengthened perspective that you can actually live the life you have always dreamed about. 

WEEKLY 90 min. 


1. Goal setting: become aware of what you want to achieve and how, and more focused to create this life vision.

2. Personalised action plan of measurable actions, tailored to your strengths and needs to keep you motivated and make success more achievable.

1. Exclusive access to client-only areas. 

2. Instant access to our members-only Expert on Your Life Spaces App: book and manage your online courses, webinars, programs and Empowerment Spaces, read blog posts, get updates, stay in touch with us, and much more.


1. Weekly email support for the duration of the program (subject to business hours).

Progress reviews, accountability check-ins and reports to celebrate your successes and work out the factors that hindered your goals. 

2. One-month text-coaching service for the duration of the program (subject to business hours).

1. In-depth analysis of your top strengths: be your best self! Identify your strengths, cultivate positive mindsets and fine-tune their use for better performance and quality of life.

2. Self-assessment tools: build self-awareness, learn from your actions and behaviours, and reflect on where you are in life.

1. Digital workbooks of training and activities, proven to be effective in keeping you moving forward between sessions, encouraging deeper learning, and giving you more results.

2. Accountability tools: measure your progress and reflect on your strengths while staying engaged in your empowerment goals.

1. Recommended Reading & other Resources:  benefit from book titles, videos, etc., to develop an empowerment mindset and move closer to your goals.

2. Session Notes: brief and factual, containing concise details of what was discussed in each session, they will help you connect with the previous session, providing you with a sense of continuity.

By the end of the program you will

have gained conscious awareness of your strengths and which ones to choose to rise above life’s challenges,

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