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Helping Women Craft Expansive Realities on Their Own Terms.
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Hi! I'm Betty. I am a certified life coach, empowerment specialist, teacher, mentor, and founder of Expert on Your Life, LLC. I assist individuals and organisations in finding and leveraging their unique strengths, so that they can set and reach attainable individual and professional objectives.

Along with my personal coaching expertise, my Arts and Education background, as well as my experience in Communications and Business Development have made me uniquely qualified to point out the inherent beauty and power of every woman, promote it, and turn it into a force for success.

Empowerment Coaching is a specialised type of personal coaching that focuses on meeting life’s challenges and elevating your current state of living by using your inherent abilities and resources. Empowerment coaching detects mental blocks, reframes your mindset, and motivates you to achieve more.

By emphasising accountability and personal responsibility, empowerment coaching empowers you to take charge of your life, make informed decisions, and navigate challenges with resilience. Ultimately, the goal is to instil a lasting sense of confidence and autonomy, enabling you to create positive and sustainable changes in various aspects of your life.

My style of coaching is highly client-centred, based on personalised practices. The coaching relationship is dynamic, so I am always ready to adapt to your changing needs while mobilising your highest strengths.


I combine positive psychology coaching, ontological coaching, and co-active coaching techniques with mindfulness practices, reflection and self-awareness tools to assist you in setting goals and maintaining momentum.


The cornerstones of my coaching approach are the five pillars of Expert on Your Life: Guidance, Learning, Support, Networking and Growth.

Enter our Empowerment Spaces for one-off, power boost sessions. During these sessions we will focus on particular challenges you are facing today and develop an action plan you will be able to implement right away.


In these tried-and-true coaching sessions it is you who sets the agenda. If you don't want to focus on a particular issue in detail, we can take a broader view; whatever suits your needs to overcome mindset mishaps and release the disempowering energies that are holding you back from making major changes with confidence!


After our session, you will receive a summary report outlining what we discussed, as well as useful feedback and tips.

I am committed to accommodating your needs during your journey of self-transformation and empowerment.


Equipped with the latest and most effective coaching tools, resources and methods, guided by my experience, and fuelled by my passion to help you overcome challenges and thrive, I have crafted three self-empowerment coaching plans that have been proven to work: IGNITION, SYNERGY, and FUSION.


Offering cumulative empowerment and support, and designed to bring breakthrough changes, these comprehensive systems bring a greater return on investment than one-off coaching sessions.

Empowerment Coaching through text will allow you to explore various areas that empowerment coaching focuses on. It will help you to proactively tackle concerns like relationships, career, finances, well-being and personal growth. It will also allow you to identify your life purpose and create an expansive reality on your own terms.

Like live coaching sessions, text-based coaching addresses issues that hold you back from living a self-determined life: fears, negative self-talk, procrastination, rumination, etc. It sparks insights into your strengths and talents and helps you develop an action plan to pursue your dreams and goals. 

Elevate your journey with our Women's Empowerment online courses, meticulously curated to foster indispensable life skills. Immerse yourself in a curriculum seamlessly fusing academic depth with empowering practicality, nurturing confidence and resilience.


Our online courses offer more than mere learning; they grant transformative tools for personal and professional growth. With a coveted certificate upon completion, validate your prowess not only in practical application but also in academic proficiency.

Knowledge is the cornerstone of self-empowerment; acquire new skills today to sculpt a triumphant tomorrow!

Time to rewrite the script of your life.
Let's make it happen!

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