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Find Your Inner Glow
How Much Do You Love Yourself?

How much of a priority are you in your own life? Let's find out!


Take the self-care assessment below and see how much you contribute to your wellbeing. Remember, there are no right and wrong answers; just try answering whichever feels appropriate for you at the moment.


For each item give yourself:

1 point for what you feel is not true,

2: rarely true,

3: sometimes true,

4: quite true, and

5: most true.

Once you have completed the quiz, check your score and then read your results' interpretation here.

What's Next?

Be inspired to build your own self-care plan: find useful tips and advice on how you can improve your physical and mental wellbeing by visiting our Self-Care page on our Resources page.

Book our HABIT STRONG Empowerment Space for a 90min. one -on-one session to get the guidance and support you need to build those habits that will boost your wellbeing and sense of self-empowerment.

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